Barking Dog Supply

Sphere and Loathing Bootleg Tee


Taking Inspiration from Hunter S. Thompson’s classic American novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” we designed a shirt to commemorate Dead and Co’s summer residency at the Las Vegas Sphere. The campaign takes inspiration from classic photos of Thompson, the chaos of the novel, and the free spirit of the Grateful Dead.        

Barking Dog Staple Cap

The staple cap is our first production run of hats. It features the BDS logo proudly on the crown of the hat. The product is designed with simplicity in mind so it can be worn as the “staple” of any wardrobe. Featuring a lightweight construction, quick-drying material, and a fully crushable brim the marketing seeks to frame this hat as “the perfect accessory for all your summer adventures”

Photographic Direction

Our photography direction seeks to capture moments simply and authentically. Taking on a film aesthetic our goal is to make Barking Dog Feel simple, timeless, and approachable. We are all about having a good time with the people we love. Our photography is constantly striving to represent this.